The bouts of depression I had included a physical symptom that–unless you’ve been through it–might seem unrealistic. I call it, “heavy feet.” In the morn, I’d wake up with what seemed like concrete poured around my feet. There was such a heavy weight in them that the prospect of trying to put them to the floor was enough reason to stay in bed. So knowing this, I’d go to bed every night & simply pray, “God, please help my feet make it to the floor and take one step tomorrow.” Yes, depressed people (who aspire to heal from it) have to pray for the smallest of things–like one literal step into a new day. But having small goals like that ARE enough victory to take another step or take on another task. The movie “What About Bob” actually had a lot of truth when Bob got the psychiatric advice to take “baby steps” for his healing. For the depressed-in-healing, the “present” can simply be waking up each day, putting feet to the floor & taking a step forward from the past that hurt you. But you can do it! God is the God of your grandest achievements…but also of your smallest steps. Don’t let heavy feet hold you back from walking forward on them.

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