Today, as I watched this unfold, I had a nudge that a blog-post might ensue.  Andy’s dentist experience resulted in him crying, trembling, wincing, clutching & resisting.  And it finally got to the point where DJ couldn’t look any more. So he turned & faced the corner. Sometimes love has to look away. There’s a heart-wrenching moment in the bible when Jesus was on the cross & cried out to God, “why did you forsake me?” I am not a biblical scholar but I would surmise that Jesus felt like God looked away. And maybe, as Jesus took on all the sin of the world, God did. But nobody loved Jesus more than God the Father! But sometimes? love has to look away. When my parents had to let the authorities take my addict-brother, though they loved him, they had to look away many times. We can love others so much that to look at them in their pain can be impossible & almost render us useless. But to hold on to them and keep looking at them might be preventing God’s will to be done.  Eventually, DJ turned back around, but not until that tooth was totally & definitely pulled. 🙂

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