It’s amazing to me that I’m STILL singing a song in my head that I heard when I was four years old. People…we are talking over 30 years ago! My parents were part of a small country church that had a small church band. The band would jam at my parent’s farmhouse. And there’s one song, in particular, that I can remember the tune, the words, the harmony, even the room that they rehearsed it in. Awhile back, I learned that one of the lines of that song was actually inspired from a Psalm, “Because you are my help,I sing in the shadow of your wings. So, here, throughout my life (& as recently as today) when I’ve started humming this song, I was reciting a Psalm. And a very encouraging one at that! What’s my point? Parents, your kids have sponges in their heads–capable of retaining a ton. Imagine if you and I were extremely intentional to feed that sponge the goodness of God? For your kids, that could go an entire lifetime. Case in point.

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