“Show respect for the elderly and revere your God.” (Leviticus 19:32)  When I was little, my brother and I would go to our grandparents for the summer. It was the best! We had three weeks of total spoiling…and we knew it! However, in between the spoiling, we were taught many valuable life-lessons. My grandparents were well-known in their community, so when we were out and about, inevitably we ran into people they knew. This is how my grandma taught us to respond: “When I introduce you to someone, you say, ‘Nice to meet you, Mr. or Mrs. _____’ “And when they ask you a question, you look them in the eyes.” “And when they say something nice, you say ‘thank you.'” Fast forward a couple of decades to when my oldest, DJ, had someone introduce herself to him by her first name. Without realizing it, I quickly jumped in and said, “DJ, say ‘Hi’ to Miss ____.” Was I being anal? I don’t think so! IT’S BIBLICAL! Tucked in the middle of Leviticus, is the directive to show respect to our elderly. And we need to apply this directive not only to our lives but the lives we are raising.  According to Webster, an elder is “one having authority by reason of age and experience.” By that definition, if there’s someone in your life with more age or experience,  they are your elder: worthy of respect from you & to God, who loves them.

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