Psalm 8:5 says, “For you made us only a little lower than God, and you crowned us with glory & honor.”   Our self-worth is like a gas tank: we start our life-journey with a full tank of self-worth. We drive along in life & along comes the insults…the fender-bender of rejection; the speeding ticket of pride; the slippery road of temptation; the hit-and-run of failure…and with each insult, our tank of self-worth moves further from full, and closer to empty. Why? Because we refuse to stop and fill-up on God because we are too determined to make it on what we barely have.  The next thing we know, we aren’t moving anymore.  We are stranded in our vehicle of opportunity on an empty tank of self-worth.  What does God do? Does God run empty on us too? Certainly not!  In those moments when we find ourselves empty of self worth, we ask God for a fill-up. And He does. He pours Himself into our hearts til our hearts are overflowing and purpose and value and worth run out into our lives and flow into others.’ But here’s one piece of advice I’ve learned–instead of waiting til we run out of gas and become desperate for God to fill us up–go to God DAILY and ensure your tank stays full, always. Trust me.

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