Based off of Matthew 18:12-14,  some of us have been the ONE lamb Christ left the 99 to rescue.  You see, it’s a lamb’s nature to drift and get lost, but its Gods nature to get that lamb back.  I am here today because God rescued me. Sometimes I wonder, “was I that important to you, God?”  But in God’s die-hard love for every lamb on this globe, every lamb is worth rescuing, no lamb is worth leaving.  You know, when I was 16, I thought freedom was outside of God’s pasture.  But it’s not. Freedom outside of God’s pasture is empty and fleeting.  Freedom with God is for certain–it is concentrated within His pasture. You don’t have to go looking for it, its right where you are. I have two kinds of challenges, for two kinds of sheep. 1) If you’re a lamb hangin’ in God’s pasture, blessed by the freedoms God’s given you there, thank God for that today. 2) If you’re not quite sure where you are, I encourage you to identify your location. If it’s outside the pasture, take God up on His promise that wherever you have ended up, He will meet you there and bring you back.

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