Over the last two years, I have watched one person have the ability and the power to take away everything from someone dear to me. His marriage, his home, his money, his job, even quality time with his child. It is a current day Job story. And it is heartbreaking. Today I am writing to the ones who have lost everything, like me one time…and like my loved one now. People can take it all, can’t they? They can take away the physical, the relational, the financial, even the emotional (like your confidence), but there is one thing NOBODY can touch. Nobody can take this away. Nobody can stomp it out of you. Nobody can take it to a judge and have it revoked. It is yours…forever, always, absolutely. And that is your soul. Your soul is your own. Your soul is rightfully God’s house and what God lives IN, NOBODY TAKES OUT. I know what it is like to have it all taken away except for my God in my soul. When that happened back in 1999, I learned THAT was all I needed. Because here we are, 13 years later, and God (in my soul) has brought me back & I’m still standing. As long as you have a soul and Jesus is in it, you CAN have it all taken away yet you still HAVE all you need. You can do this. I know it!

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