When you study the bible, you learn Jesus did not lead by his emotions. And if it helps, think of it this way: how different would things have been had he? Emotions are good. God created us with them. But they should never steer the direction–we, our families, our companies or our ministries–go in. Having bipolarity since I was a kid, I have often been emotionally-overcharged & emotionally-inconsistent. And boy, could I have made some really stupid decisions during those episodes! I have learned that emotions are a good response but a terrible decision-maker. So what to do? Entrust your emotions to God. We don’t need to add one more thing to our lives by trying to control all the emotions that are flowing through us. So round up all your emotions and lift them up to God. And get back to breathing, being still and letting Him (not your emotions) guide your life.

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