Family is a strange animal. As you know, human’s FIRST murder occurred WITHIN a family! Hello! Family, ya love ‘em, ya hate ‘em: spouses love each other–but then they divorce.  Siblings protect each other–but then they rival each other. In-laws pay for the wedding—but then they wanna control your life. Kids wanna be securely cradled–then they grow up and try to run away.  In family, there is this horizontal devotion that needs to be there. But there’s a vertical devotion that needs to come first.  In Acts 2, we learn about all the people involved in God’s first “church,” and God was at the center of their lives–not each other.  Our individual, primary devotion to God is what keeps us together on Earth.  Family means a lot to us, but they should not be worshiped by us. Anything that comes before our relationship with God is an idol! Here’s the deal…family comes and goes. But God does not.  Family is made up of humans who are imperfect and die.  God is perfect and eternal. We need to be devoted to our families but it should start and end with a devotion to God. I hope this encourages someone today.

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