When God said a joyful heart is good medicine, he wasn’t kidding. The medical world has proven that laughter releases endorphins, (God’s NATURAL painkillers) which are 50 to 100x more powerful than morphine! God has given us a prescription, all we have to do is fill it.  In Psalm 16:9, David wrote about his fullness of joy, so much so, that praises were spilling out of his mouth.  That is a joy based on God in your heart, not good things in your life.  I’ve often said, “Glimpse at circumstance; gaze your God.” Dr Viktor Frankl was imprisoned by the Nazis because he was a Jew.  His wife, his children and his parents were all killed. The Gestapo made him strip.  He stood there totally naked.  As they cut away his wedding band, Viktor said to himself, 
”You can take away my wife, my children, you can strip me of my clothes and my freedom, but there is one thing no person can ever take away from me–and that is my freedom to chose how I will react to what happens to me!”  Even under the most hellish of circumstancse, joy in the Lord can transform tragedy into triumph.  David inspired me to understand there’s only ONE who can grant me joy by his mere presence, and that is God. God stands in the gap of your trial and your need to be sustained and God’s gap is made of JOY his presence brings.  The most joyful people are the ones who may be living in hell on Earth, but because God is in their lives, His joy fills their heart & overflows out of it.  Joy is a great gift God has given us.  It gets us thru bad times, it’s fun to experience in good times, and it causes the world to look curiously upon us and wonder what they might be missing.

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