I am not inherently a patient person. I’ve often tweeted, “patience is a virtue, but first it is a test!” That being said, I’ve learned I MUST depend on something to teach me patience because there is nothing in my “Heather” that I can draw from. So what to do? LEARN GOD’S WORDS! If we can learn passages about patience then when we’re at that point where we are about to go psycho & lose our patience, we can recall or recite them. Amazingly (but to no surprise to God) we will then discover a calming in our spirit and a chill in our actions.  For starters, I would put these on sticky-notes or index cards around your world. Then, I would work to memorize them. Wah-Lah! Who’s with me?? 🙂


1) I won’t be impatient for the Lord to act! I will keep traveling steadily along his pathway and in due season He WILL honor me with EVERY blessing. Psalm 37:34, TLB (emph., mine)

2) I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry. Psalm 40:1

3) Patience is better than strength. Controlling your temper is better than capturing a city. Proverbs 16:32

4) Let your patience show itself perfectly in what you do. Then you will be perfect and complete and will have everything you need. James 1:4

5) And patience produces character, and character produces hope. Romans 5:4

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