Every morn, I have hang-time with God. And believe-you-me, it SO didn’t happen over night. Over a period of time, I realized, one, I’m desperately in need of God to help me through the day & two, God has taken a lot of time to be with me. So with these 2 things convicting me, I started having daily hang-time with Him. Now the “what” has changed over the years–depending on what season of life I’ve been in. These days, my personal time is a combo of 2 things: bible reading (via YouVersion app) & prayer time. How do I pray? On my knees. What do I pray? I follow the acronoym “A.C.T.S.” A for Adoration, I just give God applause for who He is. Sometimes I recite words from a particular worship song I’ve got on “repeat” in my heart, sometimes I just think of many adjectives that describe Him. Then, I “C” for confess. Confession is apologizing for all my crap, asking God to forgive it & help me turn from it. Then I proceed to “T” for thanks. I have tried to get into the practice of thanking God for FIVE things every day. During my bouts of depression that has been extrememly difficult. But in those bouts, I’ve learned this: there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Finally, I wrap up my prayer with “S” for seek. These are what we’d call prayer requests. It’s the things I am seeking God’s help on. Some are for me, some are even for you! So that’s how I roll with my daily hang-time with God. I don’t know where you are–but I hope in a small way, this encourages you to daily hang with God too. ๐Ÿ™‚


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