This Sunday, we are having our Church by the Glades Beach Baptism at Pompano Beach, just North of the pier. As a church leader, this is something I really, really, really get crazy-happy about. And when it’s someone I know personally?  It gets me emotional–even to the point of the Oprah-ugly cry! Raul and I have had the privilege of baptizing both boys. At around 7 years old, they both had already invited Jesus into their hearts, understood the significance of baptism and asked if they could be. Baptism is the OUTWARD expression of an INWARD commitment. When we personally commit to Jesus in our hearts, we have the obligation? burden? task? No!!! We have the privilege of letting the world know that. It’s going public with the greatest decision of your life. Why do we believe in getting baptized? Easy Peazy! Jesus did and Jesus said we should. I have no idea where you are with this, but if you are reading this and you haven’t taken this step yet, I’ll see you at the beach this Sunday at 6pm. BOOM! 🙂

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