Have you ever had a time in you life where you felt like you were walking through a desert? A time when everything is dry, barren, you feel all alone and you wonder when is God going to show up? I have been through several desert experiences myself and it was during the last one God revealed to me two reasons why I spent time there:  1) To draw closer to Him. God has promised us He will never leave us or forsake us. James 4:8 says if we will draw near to God He will draw near to us.  2) There are times God has placed us in the desert to protect us. He is using the desert to keep us safe from things, people and places where we could get hurt. In closing, God has convicted me to be thankful for the beautiful process the desert takes us through. When we submit to the process God is able to work in us and we will be stronger because of it.- Courtney Bavar (@courtneyrbavar)

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