A woman, a Samaritan, a prostitute. Back then, those 3 equaled 3 strikes.  You see, very clear social-rules kept men from speaking to women like that.  She was also a Samaritan–in other words, segregated from the cool, dominating Jewish race. And she was a prostitute – today, people look down on them, but back they were total outcasts–the only way they could even get water was to beg or steal. Ever felt like you have 3 strikes against you? Maybe you are male-athiest-addict. Or a female-Christian-adulterer. Or a student-porn-watching-non-American? Here, we had a non-Jewish-female-prositute. Who cared? Jesus cared.  He cared so much, he spoke to her directly.  He even looked at her. This may have been the first time a person hadn’t mistreated her. Friends, God is reaching out to you–a “you” others won’t give the time of day to.  For this “woman at the well,” Jesus started a conversation with her. It’s also the longest convo found in the bible between Jesus and anyone.  You hold out your empty, rusty, beat up life to Jesus, and he doesn’t see what you’ve done; He sees who you are.  And He sees your pain & your need for a rescue. But you have to be willing to meet Jesus where you are–not when you finally arrive.  This woman didn’t run from this Jesus in her shame. She stayed with Him in spite of it. He filled her heart, He changed her life. And he’s still in the business.  Read more about this encouraging bible story, HERE.  And I hope you know that even if the world sees you as “3 strikes, you’re out” Jesus will always see you as “3 strikes, forgiven, & you’re still in.”

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