The inspiration for “WondHerful” came from Psalm 139. I’ve revered this Psalm for a long time. I call it the “God Only Knows” chapter, because if you study it closely, it reveals 6 things that God only knows…
1)  God knows what you do. (Psalm 139:1-6) There are some of us who won’t let anyone know the most hurtful parts of our lives. There is a fear we won’t be accepted, or loved if it was revealed.  One person already knows.  God. And He has continually loved you and accepted you DESPITE that most hurtful thing.

2)  God knows where you go. (Psalm 139:7-12) God’s a stalker?  No. God’s a walker.  And if he wasn’t with us every where we went, how could he hold us up? Support us when our feet crumble to the ground? Keep us from going the wrong way?

3) He knows what you are. (Psalm 139:13-16) He planned your potential before you had your first major accomplishment.  When you wish you were never born, when you wonder why you are here…know this:  God took a part of his character and used it to breath life into you.  You are His dream come true

4)  He knows what you think (Psalm 139:17-18)  And that’s a GOOD thing!  If he knows what you’re thinking you can talk to Him without ever saying a word. He can read your mind–be thankful for that. The master artist should have access to every precious part of the masterpiece.

5) He knows what you love (Psalm 139:19-22)  David shows us that if we truly love God, then we truly love righteousness and justice.  What God is for, we are for; what God is against, we are against.  Trust me, God knows what and who you love, you can wish for what you want or let God bless you with what you need.

6) He knows what you desire (Psalm 139:23-24) What gives you excited heartbeats?  God already knows.  God created your body, and within it, he created your purpose.  And your desires are the manifestation of that.  But your desire needs to fit into God’s timing and snuggle between God’s plan.  You can open a window to your dreams and desires–but God can open doors.  Let go, let God.

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