For a long time I would just inconsistently pray to God when something really bad happened. Then, I grew a little bit, and started to prayer-journal to God thanks & requests. Then, I grew a little bit more and began to start my prayers off with acknowledging who God is by using letters of the alphabet, thank Him & submit requests. Several years ago, I realized all these prayer parts had a blockage–I wasn’t praying for forgiveness! I wasn’t including that I was sorry for my screw-ups from the day before AND the forgivness to take them away. Then, two years ago, I added one more dimension to my prayers. At one of the lowest & most painful points in my life, I found myself praying on my knees. Admittedly, awkward at first. But the awkwardness was usurped by a desperate need for proximity and humility before the only One who could save me. So that’s the progression of my prayer life over the years. In summary, it makes an acronym: A.C.T.S. = Acknowledge God; Confess screw-ups; Thank God; Submit requests. I hope this encourages someone today. Thanks! And Happy Monday! ๐Ÿ™‚

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