One fab leader in the leadership galaxy is Tony Morgan so I was stoked when I got included in the opportunity to write an Amazon preview and a blog post preview for his latest eBook, “Take the Lid Off Your Church.”  You might be scratching your temple why I would blog about this. One, I’m not a man. Two, I’m not a senior leader. Three, I’m not on a senior leadership team at a church. But that is PRECISELY why I wanted to blog about it. It would be a disservice to my brain if all I ever fed it was a diet of female-Christian-part-time-staff books. I am always looking to diversity what I read. And in this case, I am glad I did. This month is Pastor Appreciation Month–this is a GREAT gift to give the pastors and senior leadership in your worlds. This book concisely & accurately addresses the 6 ways you can have a healthy senior leadership team. And from my vantage point–since I work for a senior leader and I am married to someone on a senior management team, SHAZAM, this book on the money. Because if I can learn what the senior leaders in my life need to be healthy, then I can do what’s needed to help support that.

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