Today I got to thinking about the things I often, unknowingly, say that are so honkin fallible it’s not even funny. Here are four. And here’s your assignment:  if you catch me saying any of these, slap me. Ok, that’s another fallible saying. Don’t slap me, just stop me! 🙂

1) “I’m Starving.” No, I’m not starving. Children who walk all day with their mommies to a feeding station to share a small bowl of rice are starving. I’m not starving.

2) “I’m Dying.” No, I’m not dying. People in hospice are dying. People with incurable diseases are dying.  If I’m walking and breathing, I’m not dying.

3) “It’s Hopeless.” It is never, never, never, never, never, never, never hopeless for me. Jesus is in my life and Jesus isn’t hopeless so whatever circumstances Him and I are in are not without hope.

4) “Worst Thing Ever.” Nothing I have been through has literally been the worst-thing-ever. Hell is the worst thing ever. And since I am not going there, things can get worse, but they’re never going to stay that way. If God’s in it, God and I are getting through it. 🙂


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