Recently, I had someone ask me to blog about starting a blog. I know this deviates from the normal spiritual/mental content but I really love blogging and if any of you think you might too, I hope these 5 tips I’ve learned (the hard way) will help!

1) For the first five years of blogging, I used a blogging site that I DON’T recommend because it got hacked and I lost all my content. So I won’t mention their name. But I will say that to get started, you should start with the blogging site called, “WordPress“. It is: 1) easy-peezy 2) free 3) safe 4) popular. Click HERE to get started.

2) You. Must. Be. Consistent. Like dogs to vomit—if you want your readership to keep coming back, you gotta be there with it. Think about any thing you subscribe to–magazine, e-zine, newspaper–they’re ALWAYS consistent. Your blog is not your personal diary—it is your book to the world. Be there for them! I blog Monday-Friday. Every week. Determine your schedule and stick to it.

3) Use pictures. People are, for the most part, visual. That’s why we watch TV & movies & hulu. That’s why we look at the pictures in magazines. That’s why we are all over instagram. We have eyes to capture images. So use them in your posts. My picture soureces are one of two: Google images or personal photos.

4) PROMOTE. PROMOTE. PROMOTE. You all bawling that nobody is reading what you blogged? Have you told them about it? There’s no shame in my game that I utilize social networks to make people aware of my posts. Here’s the dealio—your post could be someone’s hope. Your post could be someone’s answer. Your post could be someone’s connection. But if you don’t put it out there, how are they going to know? I have even group-texted and/or emailed certain groups of people to let them know that a particular post might be of interest to them.

5) Pray. Wha the wha???  Hey, it’s worked for me. I pray for this blog to do one of two things: 1) encourage when it hurts 2) laugh if you haven’t in awhile. But there is nothing I can blog about that is going to accomplish either that GOD can’t do better. I’m just a girl at a keyboard. This isn’t my blog, It’s His.
Hope this inspires someone out there to get going with a blog. Or maybe encourages someone who has farted out on their’s! Go for it! 🙂

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