Some of you LOVE crowds. Crowds energize you.  The bigger the crowd, the happier you are.  And some of you HATE crowds.  Put you in a crowd and you get claustrophobic & grouchy. Whether we love crowds or hate crowds, we ALL have one thing in common: we can be in the biggest crowd ever and be alone.  Relationally and spiritually speaking, we know Jesus and we sit in a crowd at church every weekend, but we travel through life alone.  We drift in crowds, but we do not hang in community.  Acts 2:46 says, “EVERY DAY they continued to meet together.  Those peeps in Acts were gettin’ their community on DAILY!  Unfortunately, today, it’s counter-cultural to take time for community.  One of its biggest barriers is the pace of our lives.  As we rush out of the parking lot, with our cell phone to our ear, and our kids in tow, we pass someone and say, “Hey, we should do coffee sometime!”  And we’ve been saying that to that person for six months!  But in Mark 2, like the community of friends who sacrificed schedules, appointments and texting to carry their paralyzed friend to Jesus, it takes time for us to have a cup of coffee with someone, and possibly carry their mat too –and everybody comes with a mat.  I know you are living (cause you’re reading this, duh!), but I hope you’re connecting. If you are in my vicinity, check out my church, and the cool community options we have there. I’ll even hook you up with a link, yo! 🙂

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