Seven years ago, Hurricane Wilma struck my town. It was awful, in so many ways. It created stress, debt, destruction, violence, despair, and uncertainty to many in my community. And for me, it presented a spiritual test. The first & only question God had on the paper: Heather, do you trust me?  Circle one:  yes     no

You see, the bible plainly tells us that God’s yoke is light. We can ALWAYS come to Him. But though He does not give us more than we can handle, He does give us more than WE think we can handle.  If God called me prior to Wilma coming, and itemized all the stresses my family and I would endure for 2 weeks,  I’d say, “God, please find another chic, this one’s not capable.” But that’s why I’m not God. And neither are you. And that’s hurricane relief! We don’t have to measure out how much we can handle.  We don’t have to worry about leaning on our own strength. We might think we can’t handle anymore…but that, is thankfully, not our call.  In every crisis, when WE think we can’t handle anymore, we just need to sit in the Father’s lap and let Him make that call. Sitting in the lap of God for every storm that comes our way. I will never look forward to hurricanes, but next time, I will look forward to sitting in God’s lap. He knows what I can handle, He knows what I can not handle. He’s in charge of my life. He’s in charge of the beginning and ending of my storms. He knows what lessons I need to learn in them. His hand is upon my life and His handprint is upon my heart. Trusting Him is my part. He takes care of the rest.


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