Forgiving is a hard thing to do. That all of us, at some point, have to do. A couple years ago, I had to forgive. And now that I can truly say that I have, I thought I’d give 5 pointers on how I did…

  1. Got Counseling (sometimes the pain is so big, deep and wide that we need someone to walk through it with us.
  2. Prayed for the person(s) who hurt me every day (if I’m praying for them, it’s hard to be cursing them)
  3. Read “Choosing Forgiveness” “Exquisite Agony” “Total Forgiveness” and “Think No Evil: Inside the Story of the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting…and Beyond”
  4. Set a goal. My goal (per the awesome suggestion of my counselor) was to get my HEART to the point where it could say, “I wish them well.” Forgiveness does NOT necessarily mean restoring the relationship but it does mean restoring your heart.
  5. Cried and asked, “Why?” (God became my very good friend during my time of healing and forgiving (& He still is!). I had a lot of tears, pain and confusion. I learned that there was NOBODY who could understand, handle & help more than God.

I hope this encourages someone today. If you are working through this, I’d love to pray for you as you do. Shoot me an email any time, to

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