One of the best things my Economics Professor at Judson University gave us was an acronym called “M.B.W.A” (pronounced “muh-bwah), aka, Management By Walking Around. Its essence is that good leaders don’t just lead from their posts. Good bosses don’t just lead from corner offices; good kings don’t just lead from thrones; good pastors don’t just lead from pulpits. And the Savior of the World didn’t just lead from Heaven.  Good leaders lead by getting down from their posts, being among their people & walking around with them. I witnessed a great example of this tonight. At Church by the Glades, we had an event called “Trunk or Treat.” Thousands, literally, thousands of families, lined up to go from trunk to trunk to get candy. It would be understandable that Pastor David (after preaching allllllllll weekend long) would retire from this event. Not ONLY did he “MBWA,” but he MBWA’ed with his wife in full costumes! They didn’t have to. But good leaders do.  They understand the impact and the joy of stepping down and walking around. If you’re leading, I hope you’re MBWA’ing. 🙂

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