For many years, ministry had called us away from our home on Halloween. But this one year, in particular, I had the opportunity to be at home. So Raul and I created a way to capitalize on that. As the lil trick or treaters would come-a-knockin,’ I would give candy to them and church-invites to their mommies & daddies. Yes, a very good plan, indeed! And for awhile it working fabulously! I chatted it up with the parents, built relational bridges with our neighbors, loved on their kids, yada, yada, yada … and then … the doorbell rang…and with candy in one hand, a church invite in the other, I opened the door. Only this time, some disguised teens silly-canned me in the face & bolted down the street. I had been PUNKED!  And I was ticked! A big part of me wanted to chase these punks down the street and beat the snot of of them. But as a good girl should, I simply closed the door, unavenged. Sometimes, “loving thy neighbor,” comes with risk. I DID get to love on a lot of neighbors that night. Would I ever do this again and take the risk? You bet! Cause the bible also exhorts me to “turn the other cheek.” So next time,  I’ll just have to decide which “cheek” I’m gonna turn their way. 🙂

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