I love contests. It’s probably because my Love Language is “receiving gifts,” and contests include gifts, so that’s why I love them! So here’s the dealio, the contest is two-fold:

1) leave a comment with your FAVORITE bible verse

2) share my blog link with one person (https://wondherful.com)

and you will be entered to win my FAVORITE bible, the Leadership Bible by John Maxwell. Bible?! What?! Hey, if you aren’t opening this book on a regular basis, I hope this contest motivates you to get started. Our church, and our Pastor, are all about this book. People will not always be there for you. When I got locked up in a psych ward in 1999, I didn’t have people. But I had God’s truths, from His word, that I had stored in my heart. I got through that dreaded night ON THAT ALONE. The bible is literally the gift that keeps on giving. The WondHerful team will enter all the commenting-contestants in a drawing tomorrow night & pick a winner. Have fun!

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