Three random words. What do they have in common? I have thirsted for all of them. Today, if this post finds you thirsty for one (or all) of these, I wanted to share some research I did, when I found myself thirsty for them too. I hope this helps someone today.

1) Justice

Person – The Persistent Widow, Luke 18

Psalm – Psalm 9:8

Prayer – God, what happened is not fair, but I can not carry this any longer, please take this from me, and in your timing of perfection, bring justice to it.  And help me to forgive those involved in this injustice, it has me imprisoned, but I know you long for me to be set free.

2) Healing

Person – A Bleeding Woman, Luke 8

Psalm – Psalm 103:3

Prayer – God, I know you have a wonderful plan for my life that includes healing and restoration.   Help me to never settle for less.  Enable me to not lose heart if healing occurs more slowly than I would like.  I commit my need for healing to you, because you care, you created me, and you are the Great Physician.

3) Blessing

Person –  The Virgin Mary

Psalm – Psalm 115:13

Prayer – God, I feel like I chase, but never get blessed.  Today, I give it over to you.  I boldly declare that you LONG for blessings to happen in my life, I believe you and I look forward to you bringing the blessing into my life.


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