One time, I heard a song that said, “You are the antonym of me.” And I thought…God, you are the antonym of me! You are holy….I am dirty. You are righteous…I am unrighteous. You are strong…I am weak. You are humble…I am prideful. You are affirmative…I am wavering. You are truth…I am confused. You are hopeful…I am doubtful. You are the light…I am in the dark. You are sacrificing…I am hoarding. You are unconditionally loving…I am conditionally loving. You are up…I am down. You are God…I am not. God is the antonym of us.  So, where does that leave us? I discovered several years ago that if God is the antonym of me, it leaves me with a choice: Join God in His strengths or settle for myself in my weakness.  I chose the former. I’m not capable of being ALL God created me to be if I don’t include God in the equation! His opposite goodness with my human weakness has been my greatest happiness! And I hope you know this Antonym of you, too. Happy Friday. 🙂

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