Once upon a time, a rabbit boasted about how fast he could run.  A turtle overheard him and said, “I’ll run you a race.”  “Done,” said the rabbit and laughed to himself.  “But let’s get the fox for a judge.” The fox consented and the two started.  The rabbit quickly outran the turtle, and knowing he was far ahead, lay down to take a nap.  “I can soon pass the turtle whenever I awaken.”  But unfortunately, the rabbit overslept.  Therefore, when he awoke, though he ran his best, he found the turtle was already at the goal.  He learned that “slow and steady wins the race.” Do you ever feel like the turtle?  Somebody reading this is in some kind of race. A relationship race and you can’t keep up. A financial race and you are grossly behind. A career race and you need a job.  A parental race and you’re exhausted. An emotional race and you’re wishing the race would end. I’m in a race too.  But if we are IN a relationship with Christ, we may feel behind, but we are not at a loss. Like the fable, we may be the turtle, and we may never be the rabbit, but…God is the fox. God is the Judge. In the bible, Job had the worst turtle complex ever known to man.  He lost EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in EVERY area of his life.  He was behind.  But Job kept his eyes on God. Although others gave up on him, God didn’t give up on Job & Job didn’t give up on God.  And Job crossed the finish line, still a turtle?  Perhaps. But a victorious one. Today, be steady like the turtle & trust the Fox.


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