We are each wired with unique gifts (talents, abilities) that God gave us so that we, ideally, could all come together, like a human body, and use all our gifts as parts to cohesively move together and make a big impact. The bible speaks to this several times, especially in the New Testament. That being said, when a Christian identifies their “gifts” it is a GREAT thing, because then they can begin to use it and add to our cool movement of expanding Heaven, changing Earth. To know your gifts (talents) and to use them fully for God is a wonderful convergence. However, we gotta be careful that our gifts do not become our gods. Once upon awhile back, I got very wrapped up in my gift. I was very happy when I was asked to use it and very sad when I wasn’t. My identify was in my gifts…and not in the Giver of them. This is not to be. Our gifts (talents) are not who we are….they are what we do. There is a difference. Just wanted to raise some awareness of this. It’s a new day for me! My gifts are just that….gifts. And as easily as the good Lord gave them, He can take them. So I value who I am not for what I can do…but for who God made me to be. Hope this encourages someone today. 🙂


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