I love sweet potatoes.  I only need a sweet potato and I’m set.  I don’t need cinnamon, sugar, butter or syrup.  I don’t need it smashed or sliced with pecans and marshmallows.  The more you mess with it, the less I’ll eat it.  Sweet potatoes untouched and left alone—that’s what I’m talking about!  And you know the bonus of an untouched sweet potato is its chock full of antioxidants,  vitamins A, B6, & C; manganese; copper; dietary fiber; potassium and iron!  God is like a sweet potato.  He doesn’t add anything to Himself,and He doesn’t need you to add anything to Him. He is purely, simply, uninhibitedly, assuredly, beneficially God.  If you take Him in, you WILL be completely satisfied and healthy.  You need rest?  All you need is God.  You need hope?  All you need is God.  You need salvation?  All you need is God.  You need honor?  All you need is God.  You need a refuge? All you need is God.  It’s no different that me and my sweet potato: all we have to do is receive Him the way He came. But to take it one step further, God isn’t waiting for you to change either.  God isn’t waiting for you to prepare yourself differently,  God is SO NOT waiting for you to be sliced, diced, and baked with marshmallows and pecans.  HE WILL TAKE YOU as you are, but YOU need to take HIM as HE IS. I hope you like sweet potatoes but I hope you love this God!


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