He understands how weak we are; he knows we are only dust. – Psalm 103:14

Through the school of hard-knocks, I’ve learned a few things about role models: Role models are life-beneficial but not life-essential.  And role models are called role-models, not role-idols.  We worship God, we don’t worship people. So don’t make idols out of your models. It’s not fair to them, or you. Role models are often one-way gigs. You admire your role model but don’t get ticked if that isn’t reciprocated. Because if they are good enough to be a role model to you, most likely, they are good enough to be a role model to many others & they only have so much time. I am thankful for my role models, and equally as thankful that the best thing they model to me is that I need to be me and not them. And lastly, God is the ultimate role-model. He loves us, hiccups, bruises, scars, and all. He knows we cannot become Him, and He knows we cannot become someone else.  My biggest role-model is the Jesus Christ–the One who created my life, moved into my heart & promised to never move out. And today, I hope He’s your number-one role model, too.

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