A couple years ago, when I walked through a personal “valley of the shadow of death,” there are things I did to get out of it and get healed. Many of those things I have shared here. One, in particular, was so practical it’s almost stupid. I went to the dollar store and bought this lil “Dr Seuss” notebook. As I would hear, read, or be told bible verses that brought comfort, peace or hope to my circumstances, I would write them in this notebook. This notebook went everywhere I went. (Sorry, it’s gonna get a lil crazy up in here) but it became a friend. This particular season included a lot of loneliness and separation, so God’s words in this lil book became an amazing traveling companion. If I pulled up to a stoplight, and the pain would start to swell, I’d pull it out real quick and read one or two of the verses before the light turned green. If you’re hurtin’ I just wanted to share this with you. It helped me. I hope it can help you.

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