With the senseless tragedies our nation has endured, there is often a question raised: “where is God when it hurts?” Thankfully, Philip Yancey poignantly and powerfully answers that in his book, “Where is God When it Hurts,” And I highly recommend it. But I think there is another question. In my mind, I find myself asking, “Where am I when it hurts?” I ask myself, “what can I do? where can I be? who can I help?”  There are two things I do when it (our nation) hurts. One, I pray. I pray intentionally, frequently and emotionally. Since the tragedy in Newtown occurred, I have been praying for people I don’t know…but who God knows. And I can’t be where they are, but God can. And I don’t understand their pain, but God does. So I pray and I ask God to meet their needs, tend to their pain and to send his angels to surround the places where they are. The other thing I do is I join my Church in what it is doing for those who are hurting. Whether we gather for a vigil, send money, deploy volunteers…whatever our Church is doing, I am joining them in it. Our planet is not well. God is the Healer. But His Church is the hospital. And I can be a part of what it is doing to help the hurting and heal the ailing. Wherever you are, if you find yourself asking “Where am I when it hurts?” I hope you are praying and joining the Church in what it is doing. Life hurts, you guys. But God heals. God Bless.

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