‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through my town, as the stockings went up, the sun came down.  The trees were getting trimmed, the smell of pine near, It was Christmas, was Thanksgiving even here? My kids sensed something fun in the air Yet I struggled with something that didn’t seem fair.  In the midst of Santa, shopping and fun, I looked at things as if I was the only one.  Ole’ St. Nick had a better view of this boomin’ town.  From the Pole, he saw every face I was around.  He saw a single gal at Starbucks all alone,  A child at our mall, avoiding his home,  The moon was rising, dark came on fast,  But from the Pole, he could still see such aghast.  “That family, in the gated home, you think has it all?  “Not true. Thru their windows there is only a wall.” “The bagger at the store?  Today with no reply?” “Not one person spoke to him, not even a sigh.” “And on the expressway with a line of cars” “Was a man in a tollbooth, a soul with a scar.” “And at the intersections of the major traffic lights? “They are homeless with hearts, not beggars of plight.” So may I offer a suggestion with this affair? Hoping my message conveys because I care.  If there’s a thing inside, a holiday ache, Stop for a moment, cause it’s a nudge…take a break.  My view’s the North Pole, but God’s view is quite precise.  Nudging by what he sees…doesn’t have to think twice–This season, He implores, “Please help from where you are.” At Starbucks, the grocery store, when you’re in your car.  Sure, at Christmas, as God, I could reach down & help nearby.  But I’d like to partner with you, if you’d try?”  “Let’s slow down and make the season a journey.  You’re made in my image, with love there’s no hurry.  When in a store parking lot, take your cart to the man, Tell him thanks and go ahead…shake his hand.  Dining at the Pancake house, ask your server for more–More about her life, what her future has in store.  I think you get the idea, it’s the season…to have Christmas fun and yet give without reason.  You know the last line; don’t forget this word, alright?  It’s: Merry Christmas to all …because all  deserve a good night.



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