One night, after a long night of partying, I came home, went into the bathroom, locked the door and sat there, ticked & overwhelmed.  I mean, how was I supposed to maintain my freedom in Christ–at the same time—maintain my right to party? So, I made a choice and in the quietness of the bathroom, I prayed and asked God to leave my heart.  Essentially, telling Christ, “I choose partying.”  Thankfully, God never answers that prayer request.  He promises He will never leave, never forsake us. Today, I walk in the freedom of God’s goodness because God rescued me.  Sometimes I wonder why.  Was I that important to you, God?  But in God’s die-hard love for every single lamb on this planet, every lamb is worth rescuing, no lamb is worth leaving.  You know, when I was partying, I thought freedom was in circumstance.  But it’s not.  Freedom is in Jesus. Freedom isn’t in what I have the right to do. It’s in who God created me to be. Freedom isn’t a debt that society owes me. Freedom is what I owe God, but God paid for. People often see Christianity as a limit. I beg to differ. I see it as limitless. “My way” was my limit & my vices dictated my every move. I’ve never been more free than when I became God’s servant. I hope this encourages someone today.


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