Growing up, I didn’t expect grace nor did I offer it. I was a hard-candy shell. Then a few years ago, I found myself in desperate need of grace…and it was nowhere to be found. That radically changed my thoughts on grace. Today, I’m in a place where grace abounds. Where the leadership believes in grace & allows it to flow down & all around. After growing up “grace-less” but now being in an environment where it’s freely given, I wondered if a case could be made for having too much grace? So I did a lil research on Jesus in the bible. I discovered He didn’t have a cap on his grace. He didn’t allocate it. It wasn’t budgeted. It wasn’t rationed. He gave grace when it meant being mocked. He gave grace when it meant being crucified. He gave grace in the Garden of Eden when two humans screwed up & hasn’t stopped giving grace to humans, since. He is the Grace-Maker. He is the Grace-Master & He is the example for grace. And if He didn’t have a case for having too much grace…then why should I?

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