You will make a difference in the world today by simply getting out of bed.  Close YOUR eyes. Picture a picture of YOU in YOUR mind. What makes YOU unlike me?  YOUR hair color; YOUR eye color; YOUR skin color; YOUR height; YOUR weight; YOUR style; YOUR personality; YOUR past; YOUR name.  All of these, and more, assemble YOU.  The bible says that God knew YOU before YOU were born. He had a plan for YOUR life. If YOU were to die today, NOBODY else could be YOU–YOU are the only one of yourself. YOU are not a clone, YOU are not a copy, YOU are not a mistake.  There is nobody else like YOU, there never has been, there never will be. YOU have to be YOU to make a change in your world. Don’t hope someone else will; don’t think someone else can. Now stand up. Roll YOUR shoulders back, tilt your head higher, and before YOU walk away from YOUR computer to be YOU for the rest of this day, ask God to give YOU the confidence to do it. And then go out there and make YOUR difference… YOU’RE the only one who can.

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