This weekend, in church, we sang this cool song. It comes from a line in the bible: “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord.” I really like this because confidence is a daily dealio. Definitely for me. Maybe for you. A person can say something and it jabs at our confidence. We insinuate something we read on Twitter or Facebook and it jabs at our confidence. We hope somebody will do something and they don’t and it jabs at our confidence. Circumstances on Earth will always be able to take jabs at our confidence–because they are carnal, not perfect, unholy. Accept this. BUT! THIS Psalm says I REMAIN (ongoing, not stopping) confident that I WILL see the goodness of GOD! When circumstances take jabs at your confidence on Earth…and you don’t have a vertical relationship with the steadfast, remaining, unchanging, confident God…I honestly feel bad for you. How unsettled and insecure it must feel. But if you have a relationship with God and you aren’t feeling confident, this is the verse to proclaim. God PROMISES you that you WILL remain confident because the goodness of Lord’s is YOURS to see. Happy Monday. Be confident in it.

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