rotten-fruitRotten fruit is undesirable and unattractive.  So is a customer who has no kindness.  I used to be that kind of customer. When I was dissatisfied with my meal, I’d demand to speak to a manager; when I wanted a refund, I’d expect a return-policy exception; when I wanted the late charge dropped, I’d rant loudly til they gave in.  After all, I was the customer, and customers are always right.  Sadly, I was also the Christian, a Christian who was very wrong.  My behavior was not kind. And the “fruit” of kindness God had put inside of me had grown rotten. When we count the ways God has bestowed kindness on us, we can’t even count it.
His kindness is infinite–it started before we were born, and continues after we die.  The bible tell us that He wants to prosper us, give us hope, give us a future – kindness!  The bible tells us that He sent his only Son to mercilessly suffer and die for our badness – kindness!  The bible tells us that He is preparing a place for us in Heaven – kindness!  If I could travel back in time, first, I would go to all the waitresses, cashiers, clerks, and the like who I was not kind to, and ask for their forgiveness.  In those moments, even if I was “right” it was still a moment I could have been different.  For when it is not uncommon to demand or expect, it is in those moments, Jesus would have been different and been kind.  Now, here is how I try to live as a customer: they will know I am a Christian by my love…not by my “right.”

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