Talking-HeadConfession is with my lips. It’s telling God I’m sorry. It’s asking for his forgiveness. It’s asking Him to clean the slate and by his grace, offer me a do-over. But if all I am doing is confessing and confessing and confessing, there is something inside of me that is still unsettled. That’s where repentance comes in. Repentance is confession in action. It’s taking the words of my lips and applying it to movement with my hips. For example, let’s say every day I screw up with cussing. So every night, I pray to God, confessing that and asking for his forgiveness. Repentance is MOVING my hips into action and DOING something about it. Maybe I put yellow sticky notes all over my house with verses that remind me to watch my mouth. Maybe I put money in a jar every time I screw up. It’s turning from the wrong direction I was facing as I sinned & moving in the right direction. I’m still learning a lot about this, but this is what I’ve recently come to understand. If you want to dive into this further, click on these words to learn more about each of them: Confession and Repentance


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