TearsIn Luke 19:41, Jesus cried for others. In John 11:35, Jesus cried with others. In Matthew 26:38, Jesus cried to others. Amazing Jesus–a range of tears throughout his ministry, and a paradox in his life:  God enough to become man, human enough to cry.  God enough to heal, human enough to hurt.  When it really hurts, our bodies are designed to cry.  God created water to build in our eyes and our eyelids are not dams that can hold them back. Our eyes are shaped to let them fall. Jesus did.  We can.  It is not unnatural nor supernatural, it is simply natural.  
At this very moment, is there somebody you could cry for?  with?  to?  It’s been said, “The broken become masters at mending.”  If you are broken, or know someone who is,  let the tears out.  And guys, Jesus was All-Man. Man enough to cry and die for all mankind. He’s not wimpy or soft. He’s just real. It’s OK if you are hurting to cry too. You’re in good godly company…His.

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