Ok, there are 3 things I have to tell you…123-001

  1. Church by the Glades is doing this New-Year series called “Break Free.” If you haven’t caught one of Pastor David’s messages, catch up here: http://cbglades.com/teachings Okay, and if you want to reach your dreams, break free of habits, then come sit with me this weekend. I’ll save you a seat. Our service times are here: http://cbglades.com/locations-times
  2. Chics!!! If you are a pastor’s wife OR a volunteer or leader in any church organization or ministry, you would be whack-a-doodle to not take advantage of this FREE, ONLINE conference JUST FOR YOU! It’s called “JustONE” and all you have to do is register here: http://leadingandlovingit.com/leadership/justone-2013 and then pop open your laptop from wherever you are, starting Jan 28 and soak in the inspiration, challenge and encouragement. (Psst…Lisa Hughes is one of the hosts, Christine Caine is one of the speakers…but you didn’t hear that from me)
  3. If you are a local, my leader and friend, Lisa Hughes and I will be kicking off a women’s biblestudy, Thurs., Jan 31 at Church by the Glades. We will be offering it not once, but TWICE every Thursday, 10am and 7pm. Free childcare, coffee, snacks provided. (Hello?!! What else do you need?). We would love to have you hang with us. To register, go here: http://www.churchteams.com/GroupBrowseNew.asp?filter=y
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