farm-stormOn the way across, Jesus lay down for a nap, and while he was sleeping the wind began to rise.  A fierce storm developed that threatened to swamp them, and they were in real danger.  (Matthew 8:23)  I spent some of my childhood in Ohio, on a farm.  I think the town was called “nowhere” and if it wasn’t, it should have been.  Anyway, the summer storms were fierce, and there was always the threat of a tornado.  Many times, the thunder would shake the house, and when it did, I’d wake up crying for my Dad. As an adult, what has changed? Well, thunderstorms actually help me fall asleep! But what hasn’t changed is the fact that I still deal with storms.  Mental storms like stress; emotional storms like worry; relational storms like miscommunication; financial storms like debt.  But here’s the deal, even in the storms, we can rest. Jesus was in a storm–and he rested.  And Jesus endured many – from thunderstorms on the sea to mental storms of temptation to emotional storms of anguish to relational storms of betrayal. Jesus rested in a literal storm and Jesus spent restful, one-on-one time with God during figurative storms.  If you are in a storm, you need to work your way through it, but you also need to rest. And if you can’t, cry out to your Dad who can help you. He gets you. He’s been there. And He loves you too much to not help you get the rest you need…even in a storm.

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