Follow-the-green-fish1I grew up the oldest of four kids. So much of my instinct is to lead…uh-hum…to be bossy.  As an adult, this instinct has often butted up against my non-instinct to follow. About 14 years ago, I was hired by “XYZ Company,” and had a female boss. We’ll call her, “Loca.”  If we would compare her, to my current boss, Pastor David, the two couldn’t be any more opposite. Their only common denominator was they were both leading me. I have been working for Pastor David for about two years. I worked for “Loca” for one month.  Pastor David hasn’t fired me yet. “Loca” fired me after 30 days.  What I didn’t do well under “Loca’s” leadership was follow well.  I didn’t pray for her, I didn’t pray for our work-relationship.  I didn’t give her the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t turn the other cheek. I didn’t posture myself to serve, even when she was being mean. I didn’t keep silent about her to my coworkers. Though I was fired for unmerited reasons, I can say that there was a great lesson to be learned. When it comes to our workplace strife, before we accuse anyone of bad leadership, look within, and ask ourselves if there’s any bad followship. 🙂

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