fatherbabyimagesYou remember the 80s song, “Lean on Me?”…“Just call on me brother when you need a hand, we all need somebody to lean on…” It was a huge hit on the charts! But “Lean on me” isn’t just a song. It’s also a cliche.  We tell each other, “lean on me,” when we need each other.  But once in awhile, when we going through something really tough, we need to be absorbed by something stronger, something steadier, something more stable.  Leaning on humans is good, but sometimes it’s not enough.  That’s when it calls for a, “Lean In.”  In the bible, God says we are his sheep, His children and that we are under His wing. Such metaphors are more about “leaning in,” than leaning on.  I can lean-on when I am equal to you. As in, shoulder to shoulder.  But when I feel small & weak, I need to lean in to God.  Absorbed by his love and protected by the shelter of his wings.  Where I am the helpless–folded, embraced, snuggled–in the arms of the Helper.  If you are hurting, I hope you know you can be leaning….into the Father. And it’s OK. He’s got you.

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