Once, while on vacation, I had a great idea! I’d take a picture of my footprints in the sand and blog about it with that famous “Footprints” poem. However, no sooner did I click the camera, and the ocean came and washed away my footprints. (see pic).  Sometimes, great ideas in our head don’t always translate to great plans in our life. And I think its cool that God works like that.  God gives us a great place for our ideas to roam…our minds!  And He doesn’t much interrupt the creative flow, there.  But when that great idea flushes into our “great” plans, sometimes, God does interrupt that. I have never regretted God’s interruption. Man, would I do some stupid things if He didn’t!  So be glad if you have a great idea like taking pictures of your feet, and don’t be ticked if its plan gets washed away–God’s in the ocean that did and you’re safe in His plans.

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