A few years ago, we took a Christmas vacay to Orlando. On the day we were leaving, I carried Andy  through the lobby of the hotel because he had a fever & didn’t feel up to par. There were a lot of people–it was check-out time for the guests, a holiday, and the hotel was hosting a convention. Without any warning (of course), Andy starting barfing–on himself, me, the lobby floor and the Poinsettias in front of us. In between his third and fourth projectile-vomit blow, I begged a hotel-worker to please get us a garbage bag. That’s when I noticed many people walking by, staring but not stopping. Now we were in the middle of a main thoroughfare, so if I had to guess, I’d say 15 people passed by. I’m not angry they didn’t stop, but as the day went on, I periodically flash-backed, asking, “Would I have stopped?” Throwing-up is totally gross and it’s also not life-threatening, so I’m curious: what do you think the “Good Samaritan” etiquette is for something like this?
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