There’s an adage, “one day at a time.” Which, in many seasons in our lives, holds true. But there are seasons where that adage is nearly impossible to proclaim. We wake up, open our eyes, and “one day at a time” is too overwhelming to attempt. I have had seasons where I can not do “one day at a time.” And yet there was a small voice inside of me that knew I couldn’t do much but wasn’t ready to give up. So I learned a new adage. I’d wake up, open my eyes & pray, “God, it’s gonna be a one-hour-at-a-time day. I believe you can help me get through this day, by helping me get through the next hour.”  And with that, I put my feet on the floor & stood up. If you are struggling to get through “one day at a time,” try praying to God to get you through one hour at a time. The increments of our can-do are not nearly as important as our dependency on God to GET us through. You can do this!
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