freedomimages I am grateful we live in a country of freedom.  I mean, does anyone ever hope for freedom’s opposite? Coercion, restraint, imprisonment, enslavement, bondage, confinement? I doubt it.  I think there is something inside of us that longs to be free and is thankful when we get to a point where we are.  Just ask a person who risked their life to get to the American soil you’ve always walked on.  We want freedom.  As Americans, we have it.  But some of us reading this, though “American” on the outside, do not feel free on the inside. We forget that we live in a country without walls, because there is barb-wired around our hearts.  Whatever it is, abuse, depression, shame, anger, addiction, anxiety, loneliness, separation from God, the bible tells us: “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM.”  You know something? Jesus gave up freedom in Heaven so He could die on Earth, for your freedom.  Come to God with what’s holding you back and pushing you down.  Tell him what has you captive. Let him be your Liberator. And may your Independence Day not just be on July 4th, but every day of your life in Christ.

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